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MC3 Solar PV Connector


Iwiss Tools

MC3 Solar PV Connector



MC3 Solar Connector :

3 types for selection:

1-Cable standard: only 2.5mm2

2-Cable standard: only 2.5mm2 or 4mm2

3-Cable standard: only 6.0mm2

Please kindly choose it.


*The MC3 solar connector has inner drum-typematerial metal connectors,the plugs and minus connector are used with the cable ,made of TPE/PA material,easy to connect with each other.

*It is also the important and indispensable components for photoelectric system.

*Due to highly robustness,UV-Resistance,the touch protection a high grade connection is guaranteed for many years.


Withstanding Voltage: DC 600V C

ontact resistance:<2m ohm

Insulation Resistance:>500M ohm

For single-core cable cross-section: 2.5/4/6mm2

Ambient Temperature:-40~+105degree

Protection grade:IP67 Security level: 2

Shell: TPE

Contact: Copper, Tin plated.

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