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*NEW PRODUCT* Compare to the old one(Blue handle), the IWS-3801SH is much lighter. The crimper of this tool kit...
1/2"&3/4" Angel Combo PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Set with free Copper Rings&Cutter&Gauge for All US F1807 Standards- Portable Case Combo Tool Kit  Model No.: IWS-1234W KIT   What you will receive for: 1* 1/2" & 3/4" Combo Crimping Tool20PCS * 1/2" Copper Ring10PCS * 3/4" Copper Ring1* Pex Pipe Cutter (Upto 1 inch)1* GO-NO-GO Gauge1* Plastic case Specifications: Meet ASTM F1807 Combo crimping...
Model No.: IWS-1632AF-Z Features:1. Compact design with 360°jaw rotation.2. Weighs XX and Works well for Zoomlock Fittings and...
1/2" & 3/4" Combo Pex Pipe Copper Ring plumbing Tool
IWISS 1/2" & 3/4" Combo Pex Pipe Crimping Tool For Copper Ring With GO-NO-GO Gauge Meet ASTM 1807...
IWS-1096G PEX SS Ratchet Clamp Cinch Tool Meets ASTM F2098
IWISS PEX Ratcheting CINCH Crimping Tool Crimper for Stainless Steel Clamps from 3/8"to 1" Fastening Tool Item No....
 Features: 4 way indents, 8 impressions ratchet crimper For closed barrel terminals from Deutsch, AMPHENOL Upgraded internal structure ensures the stability and power equality on the pins High quality guarantees the durability and long term wearability and the adjustable crimping force improves adaptability Applicable to Deutsch closed barrel terminals found on motorcycles, trucks, construction equipment, race cars, agricultural equipment, heavy duty vehicles and other vehicles and equipment subject to excessive vibration
IWISS Crimping tool kit with Stripper&Cutter for different kind terminals with 5 interchangeable die sets 0.5-35mm2 Model No.:...
Model No.; SN-28B Specification: The components of the ratchet crimping tool are made of special steel. Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping. Precise EDM wire cutting crimping die sets and integral lock with self-releasing....
Model No.: HX-50BI 【Product upgrade】NEW HX-50BI with 6 dies in AWG: 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, NOT...
The crimper is made of quality forged alloy steel with electrophoresis treatment to provide maximum corrosion resistance to...
Easy To Use AQD-19/25 Pneumatic PET/PP Strapping Tools
Widely used for paper, aluminum, steel, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal products industries. Features:...
Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Tools for AWG 14-8
Specification: Model Number IWS-510 Range AWG 14-11/2.5-4mm²5A-10A   Weight 0.65kg/1.45lb Length 245mm/9.6inch Features: 「PRECISEã€?/strong> The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting to ensure reliable crimping result 「EFFICIENTã€?/strong> Ratcheting mechanism makes crimping easier 「DURABLEã€?/strong> All the key parts of this energy saving crimper have been specially harden 「LABOUR-SAVING」Â?/strong>New leverage design,saves at least 35% energy compare to common crimping tools with extra mechanical advantage 「PROFESSIONALã€?/strong> Specially designed for battery lugs and open barrel connectors     
Specification: Model Number IWS-5100A Range AWG 16-45A/10A-20A/30A-40A/50A-60A/80A-100A  Weight 1.35kg/3lb Features: 【PRECISE】Wire EDM Cutting processed jaws with well polishing ensure a...
CRP1096 Kit F2098 SS Clamp PEX Cinch All-In-One Tool Kit
iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function for 3/8" - 1"Stainless Steel Clamps with 1/2" 20PCS and 3/4" 10PCS SS PEX Clamps  and Pex Pipe Cutter- All in One Model No.:CRP1096 kit It contains: 1*CRP1096 cinch&remove tool 1*PPR Pex pipe cutter 10*3/4" SS clamp 20*1/2"...
AP-50BI Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs from 8-2AWG
Model Number: AP-50BI Features: Release trigger helps clear mis-crimps and obstructions easily. Comfort grip handles helps reduce fatigue...
Model Number: SN-58B Specification: Crimping Range: 0.25-1.5mm² AWG 24-16 Wire-electrode cutting die sets promise a high-precision Crimping result The components of the ratchet crimping tool are made of special steel Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping For 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector, ATX, EPS, PCIE and SATA power pins
IWISS Wire Rope Crimping Tool/Cutter for Aluminum Oval Sleeves,Stop Sleeves,Crimp Ferrules,Crimping Loop sleeve From 3/64-inch to 1/8-inchCrimping Capacity:3/64,1/16,5/64,3/32,7/64,1/8-inchCutting Capacity: max 1/8"Well polished jaw brings tight and clean compression on each crimpingSmooth surface provide security assurance to the usersFor aluminum wire rope crimp ferrules,crimping loop Sleeve, duplex sleeve, fishing double sleeves,railing fittings
Copper Pipe Pressing Tool Kit with Cutter&Deburring Tool for ProPress Copper Fittings
Features: For 1/2”,3/4”,1” copper tubing pressing Compatible with ViegaCopper,Pro-Press,Elkhart,Conex Pipe Fittings   Crimper: Secure crimping in seconds; Automatic locking of pressing tongs; Rotating 360 degree head; Extendable handles for improved leverage; Creates leak-free connections ,No more brazing, soldering or flaring; Safe Handling with slip-proof rubberised handle grips; Easy two handed operation Cutter: Quick and easy to get clean rounded cuts on tubing from 1/8" –1 1/4" outer diameter; Strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing Deburring Tool: High quality speed steel 360 degree rotated mounting head;...
Model No.: CWR1522 set◆6.8 INCH TOOL◆ with 4 cavities for diameter 0.1-0.5 /0.5-1.0 /1.0-2.0 /2.2mm wire rope and...
  Features: Precise crimping die processed with WIRE EDM Cutting to ensure a phenomenal tolerance Ratchet mechanism increases the crimp reliability and enables the operator to repeatedly produce consistent, high-quality crimps Ratchet emergency releasement can be actuated when miss-crimp Ergonomically designed, non-slip handles for comfortable use...
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