Iwiss Cable Tools including crimping tool, cutting tool, stripping tool, solar PV tool, Heavy Duty Connector Crimping Tool, Cable Tie Tool, Punching Tool, Busbar Process Tool, Hydraulic/Electric Pump, Wire Stripping Machine. Our tools matched US/Japan/Germany customers request standard.

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IWS-25500A Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Tools with capacity of 250A~500A
「PRECISE」 The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting 「DURABLE」The head part is made of one piece high-grade special tool steel 「LABOUR-SAVING」Long handle for extra mechanical advantage 「ERGONOMIC」Comfortable grip with anti-slip design for easy operation 「PROFESSIONAL」 Specially designed for battery lugs and open barrel connectors with capacity of 250-300A/300-400A/400-500A
Model No.:IWS-06120DT Specification: Intensive indent crimping for wire size 6-120mm2(AWG10-4/0) Constructed of high-quality carbon steel offer a long service life CRIMP multi-size solderless copper and aluminium battery lugs,brings solid and trustable electrical connection CUT cable with max diameter 120mm2 effortless in seconds with sharp blade Easy to adjust the tool for different size wire,simple to rorate the boltand check with calibration tool
Model No.: IWS-2316R Specification: Made of high quality hardened steel to create hexagonal crimping shape for stainless steel tensioner swage studs Reasonable structural design and ergonomic grip ensure enough force transmitted to the studs to bring a tight crimp Sharp cutting blade with high cutting edge hardness cut wire rope up to diameter 3/16” in seconds effortlessly Adjustable crimping force and rustproof surface support a long service life Applicable to multi-type stainless steel swage studs size of 1/8” and 3/16"  
Made of high-quality carbon steel ensures a long service life Bench mounted for multiple battery cable assembly Well...
IWISS Crimping tool kit with Stripper&Cutter for different kind terminals with 5 interchangeable die sets 0.5-35mm2 Adjustable ratchet mechanism. The...
for Molex, Delphi,AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive, Weather Pack, Metri-Pack 14-24 AWG Model:IWS-1424A Features: The double hinged feature make...
Weather Pack Terminal Crimping Tool, Wire Crimper for 0.35-2.0mm² 14-22AWG
Model No: IWS-1424BCrimping Range: 0.35-2.0mm²/22-14AWGJaw Thickness: 4mmLength: 195mmNet Weight: 0.28kgApplication: Particular wire harness plug crimping tool for Weather...
  1. Crimping Range: AWG 28-20(0.08-0.5mm2).2. Ultra-precise crimper ensures excellent and accurate crimps.3. Double-hinge mechanism that keeps the...
IWS-3220 Micro Connector Pin Crimping Tool 0.03-0.52mm² 32-20AWG
Typical parallel crimping type ensures stability and power equalityand improves 30% of the crimping-tightness Double-layerWire Electrical discharge machining(EDM)...
  Features-Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Cutting jaws with perfect polishing.- Designed according to human factors engineering,it can save...
SN-48B Ratchet Crimping Tools 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3 mm 26-16AWG Crimper 0.14-1.5mm²
Specification: Awg: 26-16 Material: high-carbon steel Crimping capacity: 0.14-1.5m㎡ Used for DuPont & jst-sm Molex connectors and pins...
Model Number: SN-58B Crimping Range: 0.25-1.5mm ² AWG 24-16Wire-electrode cutting die sets promise a high-precision Crimping resultThe components of the ratchet crimping tool are made of special steelDesigned according to human factors engineering,it can save 50% energy when crimpingFor 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector,ATX, EPS, PCIE and SATA power pins
Copper Pipe Pressing Tool Kit with Cutter&Deburring Tool for ProPress Copper Fittings
Features: For 1/2”,3/4”,1” copper tubing pressing Compatible with ViegaCopper,Pro-Press,Elkhart,Conex Pipe Fittings   Crimper: Secure crimping in seconds; Automatic locking of pressing tongs; Rotating 360 degree head; Extendable handles for improved leverage; Creates leak-free connections ,No more brazing, soldering or flaring; Safe Handling with slip-proof rubberised handle grips; Easy two handed operation Cutter: Quick and easy to get clean rounded cuts on tubing from 1/8" –1 1/4" outer diameter; Strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing Deburring Tool: High quality speed steel 360 degree rotated mounting head;...
Specification: Model Number IWS-8200A Range AWG 5-380A-100A/100A-150A/150A-200A Weight 1.35kg/3lb Features: 「PRECISE」 The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting to ensure reliable crimping result 「EFFICIENT」 Ratcheting mechanism makes crimping easier 「DURABLE」 All the key parts of this energy saving crimper have been specially harden 「LABOUR-SAVING」 New leverage design,saves at least 35% energy compare to common crimping tools with extra mechanical advantage 「PROFESSIONAL」Specially designed for battery lugs and open barrel connectors
  Features: Precise crimping die processed with WIRE EDM Cutting to ensure a phenomenal tolerance Ratchet mechanism increases the crimp reliability andenables the operator to repeatedly produce consistent, high-quality crimps Ratchet emergency releasement can be actuated when miss-crimp Ergonomically designed, non-slip handles for comfortable use Applicable to Han C,Han D,Han E contacts
Model No. : IWS-0670C Specification: Intensive ident crimping for wire size 6-70mm2(AWG10-2/0) Constructed of high-quality carbon steel offer a long service life CRIMP multi-size solderless copper and aluminium battery lugs,brings solid and trustable electrical connection CUT cable with max diameter 70mm2 effortless in seconds with sharp blade Easy to adjust the tool for different size wire,simple to rorate the boltand check with calibration tool
Made of high-quality carbon steel ensures a long service life Bench mounted for multiple battery cable assembly Well...
Made of high-quality carbon steel ensures a long service life Bench mounted for multiple battery cable assembly Well...
Model No.: KIT-0535 Features: 「8 PCS CRIMPING TOOL SET」Includes 1 ratcheting crimper, 1 wire cutter&stripper, 6 quick exchange...
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