Iwiss Cable Tools including crimping tool, cutting tool, stripping tool, solar PV tool, Heavy Duty Connector Crimping Tool, Cable Tie Tool, Punching Tool, Busbar Process Tool, Hydraulic/Electric Pump, Wire Stripping Machine. Our tools matched US/Japan/Germany customers request standard.

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Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Tools works with Wire AWG 14-8
Specification: Model Number IWS-510 IWS-1030 Range AWG 14-11/2.5-4mm²5A-10A   AWG 11-8/4-8mm²10A-30A  Weight 0.65kg/1.45lb 0.65kg/1.45lb Length 245mm/9.6inch 245mm/9.6inch Features: 「PRECISE」 The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting to ensure reliable crimping result 「EFFICIENT」 Ratcheting mechanism makes crimping easier 「DURABLE」 All the key parts of this energy saving crimper have been specially harden 「LABOUR-SAVING」 New leverage design,saves at least 35% energy compare to common crimping tools with extra mechanical advantage...
Specification: Model Number IWS-5100A IWS-8200A Range AWG 16-45A/10A-20A/30A-40A/50A-60A/80A-100A  AWG 5-380A-100A/100A-150A/150A-200A  Weight 1.35kg/3lb 1.35kg/3lb Features: 「PRECISE」 The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting to ensure reliable crimping result 「EFFICIENT」 Ratcheting mechanism makes crimping easier 「DURABLE」 All the key parts of this energy saving crimper have been specially harden 「LABOUR-SAVING」 New leverage design,saves at least 35% energy compare to common crimping tools with extra mechanical advantage 「PROFESSIONAL」 Specially designed for battery lugs and open barrel connectors 
Attention:The die sets can't suit SN-01BM, SN-03BM   Model Number:28B die sets Range:0.1-1.0mm2(AWG28-18) Application:Dupont 2.54/3.96mm pins, KF 2510,Molex...
IWISS HX-120B Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Cable Lug Crimper The crimping tool is used for non-welding and standard...
Cutting Range: 24mm2 (3/8") flexible Length: 165mm Weight: 0.12kg
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