Iwiss Cable Tools including crimping tool, cutting tool, stripping tool, solar PV tool, Heavy Duty Connector Crimping Tool, Cable Tie Tool, Punching Tool, Busbar Process Tool, Hydraulic/Electric Pump, Wire Stripping Machine. Our tools matched US/Japan/Germany customers request standard.

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IWISS HX-120B Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Cable Lug Crimper The crimping tool is used for non-welding and standard...
Specification: Cutting Range: 24mm2 (3/8") flexible Length: 165mm Weight: 0.12kg
IWS-25500A Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Tools with capacity of 250A~500A
「PRECISE」 The Jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting 「DURABLE」The head part is made of one piece high-grade special tool steel 「LABOUR-SAVING」Long handle for extra mechanical advantage 「ERGONOMIC」Comfortable grip with anti-slip design for easy operation 「PROFESSIONAL」 Specially designed for battery lugs and open barrel connectors with capacity of 250-300A/300-400A/400-500A
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